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Who We Are

GriffinScapes is a full service landscaping company dedicated to providing unique and environmentally friendly landscaping in Southeastern Michigan. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism and exceptional service while anticipating all your landscaping needs.

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Landscaping Services

Lawn Mowing

Mowing Done Right!

GriffinScapes will setup a schedule to mow your yard that fits your needs either weekly or bi-weekly. All lawns will be checked for debris prior to mowing along with taking special care to avoid systems. After mowing, walkways and driveways will be blown to remove any grass clippings. All walkways, and areas un-accessible by lawn mowers will be trimmed to showcase a clean appearance. Read more...

Landscape Installation
Landscape Installation

Let us create your perfect landscape.

Let us install any design for your residential or commercial property. Installing plants, turf, retaining walls, patios, is just a fraction of what were capable of providing. We can create a new landscape or work with existing plans. Read more...

Shrub Trimming
Shrub Trimming

Trimming & Pruning.

Trees and shrubs are a beautiful part of any yard. To stay healthy and looking great, however, trees and shrubbery require regular maintenance, including pruning. If you need pruning or services, call GriffinScapes, We have more than 10 years of experience trimming trees, shrubs and keeping them healthy. Read more...

Bed maintenance
Bed Maintenance

Beautiful Flower Bed Awaits.

Landscaping enhances the look of your property but only if done right and maintained. GriffinScapes has a highly trained staff ready to implement a shrub bed maintenance for your yard. Let GriffinScapes do the work so you have more time for your family and yourself. Read more...